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Friday, March 6, 2015

Just an Eight Year Old!

In the Church we fast (abstain from food and water) one Sunday each month. As part of the fast we pray for individuals who are sick or have other challenges and we also donate the money we would have spent on food to those in need. Over the years, this has been a wonderful religious tradition that has blessed our lives. Typically young children don't fast (for obvious reasons) but last week we had a cool experience with our eight year old son Isaac. On Saturday Callie and I took Isaac and visited a member of our church named Jack that has colon cancer and has been on Chemo and Radiation for a few weeks to shrink the tumor. This poor brother had a red rash all over his body and lesions all over his mouth and lips from the Radiation. Despite his difficult situation, he was in good spirits during our visit.

To be honest, I didn't really think about the impact this might have on Isaac. The next day (a fast Sunday), as Callie shared with me, she was in the kitchen reminding our older kids that it was fast Sunday when Isaac spoke up and said, "I'm already fasting mom." She was a little surprised, and then asked "But are you fasting with a purpose in mind?" Expecting him to say no, she was so happy to hear him say, "I'm fasting for Jack!" This brought tears to my eyes when she told me.

Sometimes we wonder if our kids are developing charitable attributes...but apparently they are!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Faith to Heal

On Tuesday evening I was invited by my neighbor Evan to go with him to give a Priesthood Blessing to one of our neighbors who I had never met. In the Church we believe that men can have the same power and authority that Jesus used to heal lepers and give sight to the blind. It's really quite amazing. This power is called the Priesthood. Blessings usually have at least three elements that are important to their effectiveness. Effective blessings require a man ordained to the Priesthood, the person's faith in Jesus Christ and God's will.

The lady desiring a blessing is named Gwen and her husband of only one month is Keith. They're probably in their mid 50s. The reason for the blessing was because Gwen was diagnosed with bone-marrow cancer back in July and has been fighting it ever since. Yesterday she was to go in to the hospital to see if her levels were low enough to make her eligible for a bone-marrow transplant...which can prolong her life as the type of cancer she has is terminal/no cure.

Gwen and her family are not of our faith, so we shared with them what the Priesthood is as they had never experienced this before. During the blessing I felt prompted to share that her test would have a favorable outcome and her life would be prolonged. After we finished the blessing, I looked up and I could see tears in everyone's eyes as they clearly felt the great love God has for Gwen. It was a special experience and we pray that the blessing will continue to help Gwen endure to the end.

UPDATE: Gwen's test results were good and if her levels can continue to remain low, she'll be eligible to receive the bone-marrow transplant she seeks! Modern-day miracles are real!



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Too Long!!

Too Long!

I ended up on my blog today and stared going back and reading past post.  I brought back so many memories and I am SO glad I have those feeling and thought written down somewhere.  Im not good AT ALL in keeping a journal and as I read what I wrote I'm sad I haven't done a better job at it.

So here's to a new start!! Now that all the kids are in school for part of the day I see my days with a little tie in which I can post more often.  So here's to keeping the memories alive more!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A new school year has started!  I can't believe how fast the summer went.  I always say at the start of the summer that it is going to go by fast, well it happened again....way too fast!

Ben has started the 8th grade this year.  I am having a hard time watching him grow so fast.  Fortunately he is loving school!  He is doing o well this year and his attitude is awesome!  I love this kid!  He is always happy and loves life. He has great self confidence and he doesn't let anything get him down.  I wish I could be more like him!

Megan has started her first year of Jr. High and is really loving it.  She has done the transition very well. She likes jr high, but she tells me that she doesn't like being just a kid on the seating chart.  She misses having the connection she has had every year with her elementary teacher.  You don't get that as much in jr. high.  I have given her some suggestions so we will see, but all-in-all she is loving it.  She joined the cheer leading world and has really grown form that whole experience.   She definitely has the bubbly personality you need to be a great cheerleader. 

Sarah is excited to be the "oldest", of the Gordon, in Barratt this year.  She is in 4th grade this year and is loving ever minute of it.  She has an awesome teacher, Ms. Wakefield, and is really thriving in her work.  She loves being the older one for Isaac and will continue that next year for Josh.  She is an awesome big sister!!

Isaac has entered into the chapter of his elementary school years with Kindergarten!  I can't believe that he has passed through those years of pre-school so fast.  I see him growing up every day and I want to freeze him just as he is.  

He his loving kindergarten and his teachers name is Mrs. Haws.  He has really grasped all that she puts in front if he and really loves learning!  I am the room mom this year and love being able to be in there and see him in his classroom.

And last but not least there is my cute Josh.  He is in his last year of pre-school with Ms. Lisa and is loving it.  

I think it is because he is my last, but everything he does I get teared eyed and my heart aches.  I have the hardest time watching him and Ben do their things.  My first and my last.  All I have to say is I am a wreck when I see Josh and Ben hit milestones or move on to the next big thing.  Lets just say I might have to be wheeled off the school grounds next year!!

This is my JOY and Happiness!!

I am so eternally grateful for my children and the beautiful life they give me!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Way to go Josh!

Josh has completed his first year of preschool!  I wasn't sure if we were going to make it through the whole year.  He had a hard time going to school for the first half of the year.  Lots of sickness and he is my home body.  Don't get me wrong, I love having that kid around, he can always bring a smile to my face!!  I wanted him to go in hopes that he would enjoy some time doing his own thing.  We made it to Christmas and thought maybe I would not send him back, but I loved his teachers and I really wanted him to get over his issues with leaving me.

Well I have to give a huge high five to his 2 amazing teachers!!
Ms. Kellie & Ms. Hevila

They were the ones who really got him to go.  I would walk into the room and Josh would be clinging to my leg and crying.  They would take him and work with him and would walk out of class with a big smile on his face!!  I am grateful for the time and care they put into Josh and giving him what he needed!

He had a fun year with a lot of fun activities!

This day they did some fun obstacle courses will rolling, climbing and sliding.

That same day they got to go to the fire station and see all the big huge engines and get some good info on fire danger and safety. 

My future  fire fighter!

This is the day of his graduation.  It was fun to go and see him preform all the cute songs he has been signing all year long at home.

Here he is receiving his diploma from his teachers. 

All but Ben(he had test) got to skip out of school to see he preform his stuff.

Josh really loved his teachers and they loved him.  I always get a little teary eyed when they all have to say good bye to each other.

Love those teachers!!

Very proud of our little Joshy!

No more preschool!!

A big year for Isaac 

He has graduated for preschool and is heading to kindergarten!  I can't believe he is that old!!  He is so excited to go to school with the big kids.  I think he is ready and will handle it really well.  Now as for me, I think I will cry!!

Ms. Stacey had been an amazing teacher!  Megan, Sarah and Isaac have all had the chance to be in her school.  Unfortunately she is not doing school next year so Josh will miss out :(

Isaac loved his teacher so much that when we were registering him for kindergarten he asked me if Ms. Stacey was going to be his teacher, I told him no.  Then he asked if she could at least come with him.  It was so cute he brought tears to eyes.  I am so grateful for all the amazing teachers that have touch all of my children's lives.  It is a blessing!! 

Isaac has had an amazing year and has absolute loved going to school and learning. 

I love it when we walks through the door with his big huge smile and his green stick (that tells me he had a good day) and tells me all the fun things he did that day!  This kid loves a challenge and loves to learn!

Way to go Isaac!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Spring break in AZ!

Our Spring Break Trip to Arizona!!

Greg was really excited to take the kids on a hike of Pinnacle Peak!  For many years Greg's Mom and Step Dad lived just a few miles from there.  It is a beautiful mountain and an awesome hike!  Unfortunately we got a late start and it got WAY too hot to go too far! 

We took the time to explain to the kids about the dangers of cactuses and that they should never run near or around them.  They thought they were so cool!!

Near out hotel in Scottsdale there was this awesome train park.  We all boarded the little train and took it for a ride.  The little boys were in heaven!! 

Uncle Kenny (my little bro) helped supervise the construction of the Colorado Rockies and Diamond Backs spring training facility.  He set up a sweet tour of the whole facility!  WOW, what an awesome place!! 

This is the team locker room!!  Very fancy!

This is the team workout room with all the latest and greatest machines.....makes ya want to be an athlete!!


Now, if the workout room didn't motivate you to become and athlete this will!!  The hot tubes and ice tubes the guys get to hang out in!!  Kenny really wanted to dive right in.

This is a dream of mine....to have a treadmill under the water!!  That just rocks!!  I have spent many hours running in the water because of injuries so this would be awesome to have!! 

Here we are on the sweet field.  I want my yard to look like that :)

Ben was loving it!

Sitting in the dug-out

Ben wanted this picture.  I think it is pretty cool myself.  

We spent many many hours swimming out little hearts out!!

Eating food!!  Got to love meg's broken arm!

Our little fish!!

Josh and cousin Hayden!

More of the swimmers. 

Let's just say they slept very well every night!!

Only one breathing treatment for little Josh.  Thank goodness for modern day medicine and portable machines!!  Looks like the craziness of the day caught up with him.

All better and catching some sun.

There's meg's special arm again.  We were so glad that the cast was water proof.  

Lots of love from big bro

Love that girl!!

In deep thought :)

Our awesome casita we stayed in for the week!!

Our little patio off the back.

Cute Ash and her even cuter belly!!

Kenny and Ashleigh with us for a birthday bash.  Got to love Kenny's face! 

Fun night....no kids!

Took a day at the Phenix Zoo.  That was really fun!

My children are in a cage!!

Can't go anywhere without a stroller!!

At the zoo you could go on a camel ride!!  We thought, when will the kids really ever get the chance to ride a camel again.  so we made them all do and they had a blast!!  I was even forced to do it!!